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New Book by the author

On the Hunt For the Haunted

The most exciting moment of a paranormal investigation is when contact is made with someone―or something―on the other side. There's nothing in the world that compares to the feeling of a spirit brushing your skin or the thrill of conversing with an unknown entity who responds to questions by manipulating the lights.

Author Robin Strom's passion for collecting evidence of the paranormal has made her a trusted expert in the field. On the Hunt for the Haunted is a book of Robin's most fascinating investigations and her most compelling proof. Using an arsenal of professional equipment for detecting, measuring, and recording activity, Robin and her team repeatedly make contact with the other side, tirelessly seeking answers to one of the world's most enigmatic riddles―what happens when we die?

Customer Reviews

Right off the bat, the author built up some solid respect in my eyes by discussing her own paranormal experiences and going into some detail regarding the equipment she'd be using and her own fail-safes in place to avoid false readings, etc. I like that you could see she took it very seriously, and that feeling continued throughout the book—there were some cases in which she even readily admitted they didn't find any conclusive evidence, and in one case, she explained that she could only detail the homeowner's explanation as the homeowner had asked her not to investigate the property (for risk of stirring up trouble).

All in all, I thought it was solid on the technical aspect. As someone who strongly believes in paranormal phenomenon, some books of this type have left me feeling annoyed or belittled, as though the author didn't really believe in what they were saying, and was just looking to make a quick buck. Robin Strom never makes the reader feel as though she's anything less than sincere, though.

Overall, if you enjoy nonfiction about paranormal events and investigations, I strongly recommend picking up a copy of On the Hunt for the Haunted, and I know I'll be recommending this one to friends for a long time to come.

Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Destiny B. Librarian  


Robin doesn't try and big up her findings at any point during this book. If all she heard was a sigh, then she states that's all she heard. There are no over-dramatics of made up parts to try and capture the reader's attention more (at least, that's the impression I got). The investigations she's chosen to include are really attention grabbing for me. I especially like the one that the cover depiction is based on; I feel like that investigation in itself has movie potential.

I usually read in bed at night, lights off. But I did find myself having to put the book down a couple of times as my mind would start to wander, and I would get chills down my spine.

Lauren C., Reviewer


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Customer Reviews

About Anatomy of a Ghost

Like the layout, the photos and the way you articulate yourself in print. Wish  you and your group loads of success, now and in the future.  Possibly one day our paths will cross out there somewhere.


 I'm Gerard, (Jerry O, to those that know me) founder of P.I.S.S.D. Paranormal Investigation & Support Services of Delaware we've been around for quite awhile, ( my wife and I) having just recently went public, (since retiring. )We, like the Warrens were a husband and wife team for over two decades, (soon to be three.)


 I hope all your hunts are productive ones.

Gerard Olszewski · 


 Must Read For Those Interested In the Paranormal

I really enjoyed reading this book. Lots of info in it that I did not know. I could tell the author did lots of research. It was a fast and easy read which was nice. I read lots subject related books being the Sponsor/Organizer of the Maryland Paranormal Conference, the Maryland Psychic Fair and many other Paranormal events and found this book was able to keep my attention and interest from beginning to end.

By Ed Hruneni 


"Anatomy of a Ghost" by Robin M. Strom-Mackey is an addicting, intoxicating read that is entertaining and creepy, and depending on your beliefs re: ghosts and supernatural, it might change your view on many things. I am a huge fan of paranormal, supernatural and 'otherworldly'- type books that question and examine the unknown, but usually it is in fiction novels or on TV shows. What I liked about this book,is we get the real 'nuts and bolts' of paranormal phenomena, from the history of different religions, to different types of 'experiences' to first hand (and second-hand) accounts of real stories of things that have happened, from hauntings to psychic encounters. I was pleased by just how packed full of information it was, and how well-researched it was (with a long list of supporting sources at the end.) Gives some real depth and validity to a topic that is frequently on the more 'incredulous' side. I read the whole thing in the course of a few nights, and was disappointed when it was over... I wanted more! Overall I found the writing quality to be really good, like the author is talking to us directly and sharing her stories and knowledge, and I was truly impressed with the way she managed to put so many events and experiences into a highly readable story. Recommend for readers of nonfiction spiritualty/ghosts/occult (5 stars) Jenna Brewster--Goodreads; Barnes & Noble; Indie Book Reviewers


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