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Before you apply please read the methodology statement and position requirements

DPRG Methodology Statement:

DPRG uses scientific methods to investigate claims of the paranormal.  We collect and interpret data.

  • To that end, we do not use psychics or empaths.  

  • We do not consider our personal feelings about a property as evidence.  We look for solid evidence for or against a haunting. We try to find rational explanations for events first before calling activity paranormal.  

  • We do not cleanse properties, we do not send beings into the light. We do not conduct exorcisms.  That said we do offer property owners advice based on our knowledge & experience.

If this does not fit with your belief system

we ask you not to apply.

Position Requirements

  • Must have transportation and be willing to drive, sometimes long distances, sometimes late at night.

  • Must have availability to make Saturday afternoon, quarterly meetings.

  • Must have access to a reliable computer and reliable internet. Much of the team's work is done online, where we store our raw data.

  • Must also be comfortable learning computer software packages. In particular, members are asked to do rudimentary audio and video editing.

  • The position requires many hours of solitary work going through audio and video feeds in search of evidence.

  • Not every member will be on every investigation. Some properties are very small and in order to avoid contamination we limit the numbers of members invited.  All members are asked to contribute to evidence review, whether or not they were on the investigation.

  • Membership dues of $120 will be due before membership is accepted.  


  • Applicants who are social media savvy and would be willing to help with the team's social media campaign.

  • Applicants who are technology savvy.

  • Applicants who have a background in law enforcement or building construction.

Thanks! Message sent.

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