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Featured in our second book, On the Hunt for the Haunted, the Long Neck investigation was one of the team's most notable cases. There was the malevolent spirit of Wilhelm, that threatened to halt renovations of the property.  There was the little girl spirit who drew pictures in the dust. And then there was the apparition of a woman from the Victorian age who wandered the back hall nightly. In this video the director of DPRG discusses some of the evidence and experiences  the team had on their investigation at the house in Long Neck, Delaware.

In 2008, the team did an exclusive investigation of Fort Delaware.  Ten years later, it still remains one of the most intriguing investigations of my career. The investigation itself is discussed in the new book, On the Hunt for the Haunted,  with Llewellyn World Wide Publishers.  An incredible "dousing rods" session where the EMF detector also responded to yes/no questions as often as not, started our night of activity. But the session in the Officer's Kitchen capped the night with a bang - literally.  On haunted surveys of the first state, Fort Delaware always tops the list as the number one most haunted location. And it was, it truly was.

As explained in On The Hunt for The Haunted, the Hartly House was a location with a lot of activity. From the lurking male apparition witnessed in the hall closet, to the female spirit who watched over the couple's young son, and broke up marital disputes.  The team investigated the property no less than three times, and every time we came away with evidence that suggested that there was something paranormal going on at the Hartly House.  See first hand some of the evidence the team captured and know that sometimes the most haunted location may just be the house next door.

In our first segment of the 2017 Earleville investigation the director of Delaware Paranormal Research Group describes and shows evidence of the strange haunting phenomena at a house they investigated. Strange banging and dragging sounds, and odd voices are captured. The team was stymied at the amount of evidence they captured, proving once again that sometimes the most haunted house is the house next door.


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