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The ocean is vast, deep and dangerous with her mysteries hidden under her raiment of waves. Death, like the ocean, hides her secrets, and we who stand on the shore catch only an occasional glimpse.

The DPRG Philosophy


DPRG uses scientific methods for data collection.  We employ electronic equipment to monitor environmental changes at a location.  We monitor not only temperature and electromagnetic energy, but also changes in static electricity, humidity, barometric pressure, vibration and motion.   We also employ data loggers that record any changes throughout the night, so we can determine what changed in the environment when possible paranormal activity occurred. 


Our investigations are free of charge.  


We provide this service because we truly want to help our clients by analyzing to the best of our ability what is actually occurring in a building, believing firmly that knowledge is power. 


There are no guarantees that we can "fix" your problem, because anyone in the paranormal field that tells you otherwise is wrong - there are no absolutes.  There are theories and ideas among the paranormal community, but to date the best and brightest minds haven't been able to explain the mysteries of paranormal activity. 


Devices that monitor the environment, and can measure and collect data.



 Recording / Documentation  - audio, video and photographic equipment  to document everything that occurs at an investigation.


Equipment that not only monitors changes in the environment, but that alert the team if something has suddenly changed.




During an investigation we try to measure a number of different environmental aspects: temperature, electromagnetic energy, but also humidity, static electricity and ion count. Why so much attention to what could be considered weather patterns? Because, at the core, these different elements are all about energy. energy being absorbed, released, changing form, changing shape...  Recall the law of conservation  which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can change form. 


For example, when we measure barometric pressure or temperature, what we're actually measuring is the energy of the air molecules as they move about in space.   If you recall that pesky high school chemistry, you'll remember that molecules, or the atoms that make up the molecules, are in constant motion.   


Temperature is a measurement of the average speed of air molecules.  The faster the molecules move, the greater the kinetic energy and the warmer the temperature.   Barometric pressure is a measurement  of air pressure or weight.  It is the measurement of the molecules of air colliding.  When molecules bump into one another kinetic energy is created. Electrons (negatively charged particles) are exchanged during collisions and electomagnetic energy is created.  The more rapidly the molecules collide with themselves or other objects the higher the barometric pressure.


Humidity is a measurement of the amount of evaporated water vapor in the air.  It is a ratio of the amount of water vapor currently in the air, the relative humidity, to the maximum capacity of water vapor at a specific termperature.  Humidity helps regulate air temperature becuase it absorbs thermal radiation (heat) put off by the sun and rebounding off the earth.  When water changes form, from water to vapor or vapor to water, energy is exchanged.  Vapor has a high energetic state, and this latent energy, when it builds to high enough levels, fuels storms. Hence the afternoon thunderstorm after a hot, humid summer day.   


When water vapor condenses to water its latent energy is released.  This energy becomes available in the environment.  Another source of potential energy is lightning.   During a storm there may be a buildup of oppositely charged particles - called ions -  in the clouds and on the ground.  When the buildup of ions is greater than the resistance of the air a lightning strike occurs.   Ligthning causes an electromagnetic discharge (EMF) which may fuel paranormal activity. 


Humans use electromagnetic energy to run just about every household appliance as well. AC energy is what we tap into when we plug an appliance into the wall socket. DC energy, a lower form of electromagnetic energy, is what fuels our flashlights or cell phones.   It has been long theorized that paranormal activity may be able to tap or manipulate our man-made sources of electromagnetic energy, not that spirits are electromagnetic energy.  I think we often confuse the two.  Just because an EMF detector detects EMF at an investigation doesn't mean that we've "detected" a ghost. It may simply be a toaster.  


Theoretically, if spirits are energy, or can manipulate energy, then the energy in the environment is important as they may be able to draw on such to create physical manifestations.   Studying the weather patterns when we detect paranormal activity may lead us to a better understanding of what environmental factors may be pertinent to fueling paranormal activity to occur. 


The Multi-Meter Data Logger


Just recently the team has been experimenting with the EDI meter which measures EMF, ambient air  temperature, vibration, humidity, and barometric pressure.  


All of these elements have been known to be affected by paranormal activity.  But the really usefull element of this meter is that it not only detects changes,  but logs those changes, giving us a visual schematic of exctly what was going on in the environment when possible paranormal activity occured. 


If we had a personal experience, if we caught an EVP, if we heard or experienced something throughout an investigation this device gives us the opportunity to determine exactly what was going on in the environment at that moment - hopefully giving us a better understanding of what paranormal experiences entail. 


Barometric Pressure Gauge


It is believed that some type of paranormal activity can at times affect the barometric pressure in a room.  Thus we employ hand-held barometric pressure gauges.  The gauges also provide information on temperature and provide a compass. 

Duo EMF/Temperature  Meters


Ghosts are theorized to be energy, therefore they're believed to be able to manipulate electromagnetic energy (EMF).


They're also believed to be able to affect the temperature in an area by creating cold spots.  Actually the cold spots are thought to be the entity gathering the ions - the natural electrified energy in the air - thus creating an area of cold. 


Think of it this way, we know from science that energy creates warmth. Sunlight creates warmth. Atoms or molecules when warm vibrate faster, creating friction, which creates warmth. Energy at it's basest element creates warmth. So it makes sense that an entity attempting to gather energy in order to do something would steal the warmth out of the area leaving a "cold spot."


The team began using Mel Meters because they measure both ambient temperature (the air temperature) and EMF.  Designed by an actual engineer for the specific purpose of paranormal investigation, they also provide us with a system of alarms to alert us when either the air temperature or the EMF in a very specific area is changing. 




Audio Recorders


DPRG has  made the commitment to audio quality.  All groups claim to have audio recorders, few of which have studio grade audio recording capabilities.  Lower end recorders will record machine noise and garble sounds.   They will usually record in file types of lesser quality. 


Our audio recorders record in studio quality stereo  or 4 channel recording up to 24 bit/96 kHz with low noise preamps of less than -120 dBu EIN.  They also allow us to run 2 additional microphones via XLR or TRS inputs meaning we can mic multiple rooms using one device.  They save the audio on 32 gigabyte SD/SDHC cards as WAV files a higher quality audio recording file.

Video Cameras/SLR Cameras


DPRG employs various video recording equipment throughout an investigation.  


We have a dedicated four-camera surveillance system with IR capabilities.  IR (infrared) is the spectrum of light just below the human eyesight.  It has been speculated that ghosts are most often recorded in the infrared spectrum, though that is not always the case. 


In addition we have multiple hand-held cameras (IR or full spectrum)  which we can use either as tripod mounted devices or use -  hand-held and  in real time - in an effort to capture evidence as it occurs. 


Hand-held cameras offer us the opportunity to not only capture video, but gives us another  audio feed at a location. 



Various devices can alert us that abrupt changes in the environment have occured. Our meters come equipped with detection These stand-alone devices can be placed in strategic areas in a building and can alert us when an abrupt change occurs.  We employ devices that meaure changes in EMF, temperature, vibration and motion, for example. Many of these devices have built in alarms. 


We employ: 


  • Rem Pods  - which sense changes in EMF at an exact location

  • Motion Detection devices

  • Vibration Sensing devices

  • Laser Light grids

  • EDI data loggers 

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