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The ocean is vast, deep and dangerous with her mysteries hidden

under her raiment of waves. Death, like the ocean, hides

her secrets, and we who stand on the shore catch only an occasional glimpse.

Delaware Paranormal In the News


White Swan Tavern Reveal

October 2018

White Swan Tavern

231 High Street

Chestertown, Maryland


Book about paranormal research, On the Hunt for the Haunted due out fall of 2018

On the  Hunt for the Haunted;

Searching for Proof of the Paranormal

by Robin M. Strom

This book covers ten years of paranormal investigations performed by the author and director of Delaware Paranormal Research Group. From a haunted 70's ranch in Longneck to a Civil War POW camp in Delaware City. See what it's like to hunt for the haunted.

The most exciting moment of a paranormal investigation is when contact is made with someone—or something—on the other side. There's nothing in the world that compares to the feeling of a spirit brushing your skin or the thrill of conversing with an unknown entity who responds to questions by manipulating the lights.

Author Robin Strom's passion for collecting evidence of the paranormal has made her a trusted expert in the field. On the Hunt for the Haunted is a book of Robin's most fascinating investigations and her most compelling proof. Using an arsenal of professional equipment for detecting, measuring, and recording activity, Robin and her team repeatedly make contact with the other side, tirelessly seeking answers to one of the world's most enigmatic riddles—what happens when we die?

Available Now at our Online Store, Barnes and Noble  Amazon  Llewellyn Worldwide

Anatomy of a Ghost; a guide to analyzing the dead

by Robin M. Strom-Mackey


Anatomy of a Ghost is designed to be a primer to anyone interested in the paranormal field.  It's in essence a careful dissection of ghostly phenomenon from many different perspectives.


The book covers ancient ghost folklore, the Spiritualist Movement, the beginning of modern parapsychology, and modern theories on the paranormal. Beyond just spirits and ghostly phenomena, the book also covers man-made ghosts; the unexplained shadow man phenomena; near-death experiences; after death communication; out of body experiences;  and angels and demons.  


Included in the book are many first-hand accounts by the author who has been investigating the paranormal for over a decade. From the child ghost in Pennsylvania, to a demon in Dover, the book is full of accounts by real people that have, unwittingly, come in contact with the other side.


Whether you're a paranormal investigator, or simply an avid enthusiast, this book will provide a solid base from which to begin your studies in the paranormal realm.


Also available at our Online Store Barnes & Noble  Amazon &

new book, Anatomy of a Ghost, written Robin M. Strom-Mackey
paranormal podcast.png

The director, Robin Strom was the featured guest with Henry San Miquel on Paranormal Perception, talking about the new book,  On the Hunt for the Haunted, and the group's methodology.  They also discussed the overwhelming number of new paranormal reality shows and their negative effect on the field in general.  It was a lively discussion, not one you want to miss if you love the paranormal field as do we.

Click the link to the left to listen to the show.


Author and Director, Robin M. Strom-Mackey was featured in an article by the Dover Post in October, 2018, in an article entitled Paranormal Researchers check First State Haunts.

The team was featured in an article by Delaware's 105.9 radio in October, 2018. The article described two of our former investigations, namely the White Swan Tavern and the Frederica House.  Click the link to the left to see the article and video feeds.

dover post.png
Par-x radio.jpg

The director of Delaware Paranormal Research Group, Robin, was a featured guest on November 22nd on Par-X radio  


Click the link to the left to listen to the show.


Unnormal Paranormal Podcast

The UnNormal Paranormal Podcast has featured Robin Strom-Mackey, Director of Delaware Paranormal Research Group during Season 1 and Season 4. Always a lively dialogue commences when these three get talking.  Click the link to the left to listen to the show.


Delaware Technical and Community College's "The Wire" featured Delaware Paranormal Research Group in the story, "Paranormal Investigation at the Milton Theatre."  Del Tech's Chris Parker also dared to come along on the investigation at the Milton, and got the chance to experience some of the odd goings on that evening. 

Click the link to the left to view the story.

The author of Anatomy of a Ghost at a book signing at the Seaford Library

The Book Tour Begins

The author and director of DPRG began a book tour in October 2017 with the release of her first book, Anatomy of a Ghost.   She's been featured at local libraries as well as paranormal conferences  See the website's Upcoming Events Calendar to find out if we'll in your area soon.



Anatomy of a Ghost book signing, Seaford, Library
A haunted house in Longneck, Delaware

A Haunting In Longneck, Delaware

October 2018

Kent County Library

497 S Red Haven Ln, Dover, DE 19901

Just in time for Halloween, DPRG Director, Robin Strom spoke spoke at the  library about the Longneck, Delaware investigation.


Written about in the book, On the Hunt for the Haunted; Searching for Proof of the Paranormal, the Longneck house investigation left as many answers unsolved as solved.  Who was the woman in Victorian garb that made an appearance nightly?  Who was the child spirit who left drawings and finger prints in drywall dust and wet paint?  And worst of all, was the solitary Wilhelm, a man with a dark past, still guarding the home he’d built? 

DPRG Joins the TAPS Family

In April 2018 the team found out that we had been chosen to join the TAPS family paranormal investigative network.  DPRG is both honored and thrilled to be joining this league of elite paranormal groups. 

In July we got the chance to meet many of our new family members at the TAPS family reunion in Louisville, Kentucky. We also got the opportunity to investigate the infamous Waverly Hills Sanitorium.  And yes, we got the opportunity to meet Mr. Hawes himself.

Taps2018 (1).jpg
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