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The ocean is vast, deep and dangerous with her mysteries hidden under her raiment of waves. Death, like the ocean, hides her secrets, and we who stand on the shore catch only an occasional glimpse.

Delaware Paranormal Research Group
The brotherhood of Paranormal Investigation

Director's Note

Delaware Paranormal Research Group was established in 2009, when I left another organization, striking out on my own to research, write and investigate. I acquired a few characters on my way, those who wished to cobble their fortunes with mine; individuals as dedicated to discovering truths about the unknown as was I.


Our small, close-knit community have been together for quite some time.  Members come, sometimes leave...though they're not forgotten.  Even in remote locations they often continue to contribute. Thanks to the advances in technology, we continue to share even when we're not close in proximity.  When a group works together, through good times and bad, they become more than just a group of individuals, more like a family. They become a brotherhood. 

Author and Director of Delaware Paranormal Research Group, Robin Strom-Mackey

Robin M. Strom-Mackey,  MEd. 

Director D.P.R.G., 

Author of Anatomy of a Ghost; A Guide to Analyzing the Dead

& On the Hunt for the Haunted; Searching for Proof of the Paranormal

Cheese Head


I've been researching, investigating and writing about the paranormal since 2007.  But honestly, I've always had an interest in the macabre, from the time I was a youngster to the first episode of Ghost Hunters I ever watched. Attempting to answer life's greatest mystery has always been my passion.  


Out in 2019, my second book, On the Hunt for the Haunted chronicles some of the team's most noteworthy investigations. In 2017 my first book on the paranormal,  Anatomy of a Ghost; A Guide to Analyzing the Dead was released. You can purchase this book at our online store. Also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Books & Llewellyn Worldwide.


While the books are relatively new,  I've been writing about various facets of the paranormal for years (  My paranormal blog is a resource on many topics of the paranormal, and is absolutely free. 

I work from the perspective of a skeptic, from necessity. I began paranormal research for a very personal reason. I wanted to know what was beyond our material existence - if anything.  I didn't want to accept blind faith as an option, nor the stark nihilsim of atheism, but to find actual, believable proof, that the soul survived bodily death. That has ever been my one true purpose.  


Currently I work as a professional broadcast videographer and corporate trainer.but I've also been a professor of Communications, teacher of Broadcasting and English and a broadcast journalist. I am a wife and a mother.  I've lived in Delaware for many years now, although I was a mid-westerner born and bred. I live with my husband, my handsome college-aged son, Bjurstrom our standard poodle, Miss Scarlet, our black alley cat, and Thing Two, my one surviving goldfish. (Thing One is buried in the back with Uther Pendoggin; may they rest in peace.)




Former Navy

Nascar Enthusiast

Dave grew up in Delaware, although he left the state for a few years when he joined the Navy. He spent five years with his ears to the ground as a Cryptologic Tech. He now works at a company that makes high tech pharmaceutical containers.  If you need a Gerber cutter operated or a Continuous Liner made, Dave is your man. He's already devised a way to adapt our single axis EMF detectors to triple axes.

He got into paranormal research because he believes in life on the other side.

Aside from the paranormal, he's a sports "Junkie" following Nascar and the Steelers.  He loves his salt-water fish tank, and his favorite buddy, his Springer Spaniel, Malachi.


Construction Management

Fishing Afficionado

Investigating Consultant

Gene has a background in architecture and interior design.  He was an Engineering Aide for the U.S. Navy.  He is a project manager by day.  While he'd rather be out in his kayak hunting  bass, he sometimes consults with the group on investigations, when his wide background in construction and his analytical skills aid the team immensely.  Skeptical by nature, he's also had enough personal experiences with the unexplained to take a very unbiased approach to investigations.  

judy hill and dog.png

Team Researcher
Another Dog Lover

I grew up in Silver Spring, MD and permanently moved to the Eastern Shore in early 2012. I have been having paranormal experiences since I was a small child but it was an historic home in Ellicott City that caused my obsession with the paranormal. I have been on several investigations with large groups from historic homes, a closed Prison and an Asylum. It was fascinating and I learned a lot from seasoned investigators. I have been a bookkeeper, caterer and restaurateur for over 35 years. I am now semi-retired and I can finally dedicate my time and resources to answering some questions. 

My husband and I enjoy the beach, roller coasters and road trips. We have 5 grown children, grandchildren and 2 beautiful dogs: Pickles (a white golden retriever) and Gracie (an angelic sweet rescue).

marie in team shirt.jpg




History Buff

Marie hails originally from West Chester, Pennsylvania where her interest in the paranormal began.  She started having paranormal experiences at a relatively young age both at a church the family attended and in the forest behind the family's house.  As an adult, she worked for a season as a carriage driver in Philadelphia, a job where she continued to have brushes with the other side. 


She later joined a research team in Pennsylvania, and found her interest became a passion.  Marie worked as the group’s science researcher, performing geological and electro-magnetic field research.  When the family moved to Lewes, Delaware, Marie searched around and found D.P.R.G. a team that valued her scientific perspective.  

Aside from paranormal research, Marie enjoys kayaking, biking, napping, and binge watching Mystery Science Theater 3000.  She enjoys cruising the web for haunted locations. She also takes part every year in the Iron Forge PA historical reenactments, for whom she plays the part of an 1820’s laundress. Overall she describes herself as a history nut, preferring obscure historical events, folklore and legends.

Married with one son, the family shares space with a mastiff and a mischievous feline.  Unfortunately the move didn’t include bringing her elderly horse, who now lives with her in-laws at their mini-donkey farm.

Associate Members


Sometimes our esteemed colleagues move on to different locales, or have time constraints that make full-time membership difficult. But by the grace of modern technology, we stay connected anyway.   Associate members often assist us with evidence review or property research and share sage counsel through email and texts.   We value our associate members, and appreciate everything they do for us.



Investigator e·mer·i·tus

Medical Professional

Former Director of Delaware Ghost Hunters

Native Delawarean, Collin relocated to Washington state for family reasons. I've been investigating with and/or associated with Collin for over 14 years now. We were both members of the now defunct Delaware Ghost Hunters of which Collin was the director for a stint.


Despite the distance, Collin helps the group out with evidence review and contributes his sage advice.  Collin is a nurse by trade  and his medical expertise has been extremely valuable to the group.  


He enjoys spending time with his son, and new wife. 




Delaware Paranormal Research Group Investigator, Brian


Business Owner

Big Game Hunter

Investigator ex·tra·or·di·naire


Brian aided (and abetted) the team while on assignment to Delaware.  He hails from Texas, however, and family obligations were calling him back.  So he did what Texans do, and went big. He started his own Industrial Electrical  and Instrumentation companies, the ARCTEX Group, LLC, along with subsidiaries, ARCTEX Energy Services LLC and ARCTEX Electrical and Instrumentation LLC and went back to his family.  Aside from ghost hunting and running his own corporation, Brian enjoys fishing and deer hunting - BIG deer hunting that is. He just recently got back from a trip in New Zealand where he brought down a buck that was "mighty impressive, mam."  I like to think that Brian went home to start the Texas chapter of D.P.R.G.. The D for Delaware may have to go, but TP (toilet paper) RG may not work either. 

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