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DPRG does not charge for investigations

  • We do reserve the right to choose which cases to investigate. 

  • DPRG uses scientific methods to detect paranormal activity. We do not employ psychics. We do not offer hunches based on our "feelings" about a place. Instead we offer solid evidence and advice based on long experience in the field

  • Activity you report should be  recent and prevalent.

  • When filling out the form below please be as specific as possible.  Use the space at the end if you need to elaborate further.

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Other Occupant

Personal Religious Affiliation

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Age and History of Property

Unaccountable Smells

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Other Odd Noises

Feelings of Being Watched

Feelings of Being Touched

Objects Moving

Objects Disappearing/Reappearing

Seen Strange Shadows

Seen an apparition

Noticed strange movment just out of sight

Had Similar Experiences in the Past?

Odd electrical/plumbing problems

Has anyone been involved in the occult?

Used a Ouija board?

Unnaccountable Cold /Hot Spots

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DPRG will contact you shortly

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