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Foiled by a Field Mouse, Ousted by an Owl; Sounds of the Night (Normal versus the Abnormal)

This post is intended for paranormal investigators, who have experienced the same conundrum during evidence review. The, "what the heck was that!?" moment. I post this because I was getting ready to pull the evidence from our last investigation together, and I was sitting soundly on the fence about one clip. In the clip you see our two investigators discussing an odd smell. Then at 00:35 you hear an odd wailing noise. We don't appear to hear it, because we make no mention of it. However, it's clearly on the sound recording.

I was confused as to whether the sound was human or animal? I've been fooled by owls before. Their otherworldly calls can sound very like a wail or a moan, especially when filtered through walls. The area around the building we were investigating was heavily wooded, making the owl theory even more likely. So I did some digging on YouTube, because I didn't want to come away, once again, foiled by a critter of the night. Below are video recordings of both foxes and the great horned owl, the owl I felt most closely matched this particular wailing sound.

Fox calls: Pay attention especially to the section entitled Bark and Scream which begins at 1:38

Great Horned Owl: Note Mr. Owl hoots at around 2:28 in the clip, and if you listen a little before and after you hear a distant owl that appears to be answering him. Notice how close the wailing in the video sounds to the more distant owl.

As I gather evidence, obviously I want all of our time and effort to amount to something, I want it very much. But obviously that something doesn't matter at all if I start labeling owls as paranormal. Paranormal Investigators, please feel free to weigh in on the debate. What is your opinion?

Posted by Robin M. Strom-Mackey at 10:40 AM No comments: Links to this post

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