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The ocean is vast, deep and dangerous with her mysteries hidden under her raiment of waves. Death, like the ocean, hides her secrets, and we who stand on the shore catch only an occasional glimpse.


Blue Hen Comic Con

Dover, DE

Greyhound Book Store

Book Signing

Berlin, MD

November 18-19 2023
October 14, 2023



DPRG will be present at Blue Hen Comic Con  in down-town Dover,  Delaware. 


DPRG will be available to discuss the living history of Delaware, at least the spiritual presence.  I like these events because we get to meet with residents and discuss what they're actually experiencing.


We'll have books available to sign, and we'll be selling our custom designed paranormal t-shirts, handmade dousing rods, smudge sticks, incense and a whole selection of paranormal paraphernalia.  

When history meets the paranormal, I love it. Please come out and say hello. We'd love to hear from you. 

Just in time for Halloween, Robin will be at the Greyhound Book Store in Berlin, Maryland for a book signing event, The Greyhound Bookstore is a charming bookstore, nestled within historic Berlin, Maryland.   Please save the date and come out to swap some spooky stories with one of the areas most renowned paranormal researchers.

About Delaware Paranormal Research Group

The director of DPRG has been conducting paranormal investigation and research (spirit research) for more than a decade.  She began her investigating career with the now defunct Delaware Ghost Hunters before starting her own group.  she has been blogging about the paranormal for nearly as long.  Out in 2017 was her first book Anatomy of a Ghost, A Guide to Analyzing the Dead,  and her second book, On the Hunt for the Haunted was released in 2019. If you're seeking advice or looking to have a paranormal investigation it helps to seek an expert in the field. DPRG is Delaware's first choice in paranormal research.   

Mission Statement


Located in central Delaware, Delaware Paranormal Research Group (DPRG), is dedicated to using scientific methods and devices to collect empirical evidence to either support or refute paranormal activity at a location.  As the director, I'm not only an investigator, but a homeowner who has experienced unexplainable activity in my own home.  I've tried to build a team that is calm, compassionate and unbiased.  Knowledge is power, and it’s empowering for people to know whether they are experiencing something with a natural explanation or something in the paranormal realm. Homeowners have so often expressed the opinion that, “they’re just happy to know they’re not crazy,” and relief that someone took them seriously. 


Personally, I see the job of our investigators  as being like that of a naturalist. Naturalists attempt to observe without bias, collect data, draw correlations and arrive at conclusions that are based on all the information they have at hand.


To that end, DPRG promises to:


1.Listen to your claims of activity in a non-judgmental manner, and offer advice from our prior knowledge and experience. Not all situations warrant a full investigation, and often situations can be solved with an email or phone call.


2.We can do partial or full paranormal investigations of the domicile/building if the situation warrants. We will collect data from various electronic devices, and careful observation.  We will be looking for answers based first in the natural world, and then in the paranormal. 


3.We will carefully analyze the data and compare the evidence with our own experiences to draw conclusions.  


4.We will present the evidence to you, along with our theory as to what is occurring. 


5.Being scientifically bound, DPRG does not perform house cleansings, blessings or smudging. We do not, “send things into the light.”  However, we can offer suggestions or issue referrals should the situation warrant.

Robin S., Director,

deparanormalresearchgroup investigations

DPRG is available to perform partial or full paranormal investigations of your home or building. We employ high tech equipment to gather detect and record anomalous activity at our investigations, and carefully analyze the data we collect in order to give you a thorough and complete analysis of the activity (if any) that we collect on a property. D.P.R.G. does not charge for its services.  If you are experiencing difficulties, while we do not perform blessing or exorcisms, we can offer advice, and the peace of mind that you are not alone. 

Haunted grave yard in Pennsylvania
Book Signings & Speaking Events. 

D.P.R.G. is available to do speaking events and/or book signings.  

Spice up an otherwise mundane event with a few ghost stories. 

Out in 2017, DPRG's first book on the subject of ghosts and other things paranormal. Purchase  Anatomy of A Ghost; A Guide to Analyzing the Dead from our online store for a 20% discount.  

Also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

DPRG's The Shore blog site
The Shore

The Shore is Delaware Paranormal Research Group's official blog site. With over sixty articles on the paranormal you're bound to find an article to interest you. The author has been studying paranormal phenomena for over 10 years, both in the field, and in the library, reading and writing on a multitude of topics beyond simply ghost hunting.  

Delaware Paranormal Research Group

The brotherhood of Ghost hunters

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